Sabado, Abril 9, 2011

The secret behind the song =)

There was once a girl who lived happily with her family...

She had a very giving parents in a way that they would give her everything her heart desires.. but she never took advantage of that. She grew up to be a modest young girl, her parents taught her everything she had to learn..good manners, being modest, etc. at the age of 3 her parents started enrolling her to different summer classes.. but she got tired, so her parents just asked her to live with her grandmother for summer. Her grandmother was already....OLD but still beautiful, she loved the girl so much. Her grandmother discovered the young girl's talent in singing so she taught her more about singing, that's their "somewhat" bonding. Her parents was impressed on how beautiful she sang so she joined her into a contest and won second place, they even asked her to sing in various occasions, she then found out her FIRST LOVE .. singing ;)  " I have nothing..nothing NOTHING!! ....if I don't ...ooh---oo--ohh" ... that is one masterpiece of hers.... she always practice that song with her Grandma. People around her started giving her good compliments, she was flattered but her parents never fail to tell her to be humble.. but deep inside her, she was proud >:) She remained as is.. at the age of 5 she was still singing.. it was her only happiness in the world, she thought that singing was her life, she can reach the highest notes and the right tone, she became confident and graceful. Singing was her life..

Until one day..

There was a contest in her school, she got very eager to join.. it wasn't even a singing was a contest.. when she found out 'bout that, she backed out, she doubted that she was beautiful :( but her mom still asked her to join.. she loved her mom so much that ..yeah...she joined. Two weeks before the contest she practiced so much a was an old song that her mom randomly chose for her, it was a good song with high notes and many others.. she practiced how to walk and look in stage. Until performance day came, she was doing it wonderfully and gracefully when talent portion came....... she felt frightened, she did not know why...maybe because of too many people, but no it wasn't because of the people..she started singing with fright..... "Such a feeling's commin' over me........." she was looking for her parents and her grandmother but they were out of sight - that was the reason she was frightened, she couldn't sing without these people, she felt alone......... "There is wonder in most everything i see..." she wasn't focus...WHERE ARE THEY?! " i'm o--oo--on d--t--the- t-tt-op..." she wanted to let go of the microphone but obviously she didn't do that..... "Is the laa-ove! that i'v fOuu-nd..." that line totally ruined her performance (pumiyok xa..) ..gosh she was so embarrassed..she didn't continue the song, the people were laughing, the teachers and the NUNS, their laugh was very BOISTEROUS, her classmates stared at her laughing.. she looked down, 'cause she had no more face to show.. then she heard a familiar voice "Something in the wind has learned my name.." it was her mother, she got up the stage to sing with her, she was happy but still embarrassed, she held her hand and danced.. her solo turned out to be a duet =))

 "Your love's put me at the Top of the world.." - that ended her nightmare. From that day on, that song became her favorite song.. since that's the first song she and her mom sang together.


Because of that song she was afraid of singing high notes, that's why she only sing Altos now.She despised the art of singing and she stopped joining freakin' contests. Her parents pleased her and told her that, it was only part of growing up..we make mistakes sometimes....She already knows that very well but after the contest she realized that singing wasn't really for her. From that day on, She stopped singing.


. A year after... 
my parents asked me to join a PAINTING summer class.....there I found my SECOND love..which I now consider my REAL first love.....DRAWING =))

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  1. should I hate that song or love it??

  2. dapat dae ka nawalan ning pag-asa!! think positive:D

    reina,can i hear your voice like it used to be?

    P.S.gus2 q i2ng I have nothing!!nothing!! nothing!!

    please!!! grant my wish:) TY!! ♥

  3. HAHAHAHA :"> aki pa daw ako kaidto kaya medyo matinis pa ang boses ko =) so dai ko aram kung kaya ko pa 'tong abutun ^_^

    I miss your voice!! =))

  4. bsta..practice mo 2 ulet!!

    P.S. yang hair mo nung bata ka pa may highlights o natural? o rinejoice mo lang arug ni kim?

  5. ayy.. nbasa mo mn gayud jan... I QUIT.

    NATURAL yan padi :))


    Jokening XD highlights 'yan =)